Somewhat designed for strife… The thinking behind Designer impresses. You drop bitmap art onto an OS X window and can preview it on any iOS devices running the free Designer Preview app. There’s also a strong feature set, with the Mac app providing controls for orientation and toggling the iOS keyboard. There are layers, enabling… Continue reading DESIGNER 1.0

Ulysses III 1.0

Third time’s not so much a charm as a reboot for this text editor… Despite the “III” in the name, this is a new product. Rather than iterate on Ulysses 2, the app reimagines the text editor in a way that visually resembles Mail and conceptually sits somewhere between iA Writer and the projectbased Scrivener.… Continue reading Ulysses III 1.0

Quicksilver 1.0.0

Quick access to files from a release that was slow to get here Although Spotlight lets you find apps and files with ease, it doesn’t let you do a great deal with them. Additionally, it’s a closed system that you can’t extend and can barely customise. By contrast, Quicksilver is an app that claims to… Continue reading Quicksilver 1.0.0