Quicksilver 1.0.0

Quick access to files from a release that was slow to get here Although Spotlight lets you find apps and files with ease, it doesn’t let you do a great deal with them. Additionally, it’s a closed system that you can’t extend and can barely customise. By contrast, Quicksilver is an app that claims to… Continue reading Quicksilver 1.0.0

Horus News Reader

A simple and, erm, somewhat colourful way to read the news Rather than visit lots of sites and root through to find stories you’re interested in, you can use a news reader and subscribe to feeds that are relevant to you, thus having the things you want to know about in one place. Horus displays… Continue reading Horus News Reader

Portrait Professional 11 Studio Edition

The easy, fun way to create flattering portraits that your subjects will love Photoshopping portraits might be commonplace these days, but coming up with a believable result takes practice, patience and skill – and you’ll need a working knowledge of the structure of the human face, too. Or, if you have none of those, then… Continue reading Portrait Professional 11 Studio Edition