Minder Softworks MYStuff Pro 2.0.5

This app wants to help organise your possessions, but there are easier ways. MYStuff Pro aims to help you “store and organise information associated with the things you own”. In other words, it’s a database pre-populated with fields such as Model, Manufacturer, Location and Purchase Price, and categories into which you can slot your possessions… Continue reading Minder Softworks MYStuff Pro 2.0.5


I’ll name that tune in one… TunesBar displays info about an iTunes track in the menu bar. By default, it shows just the track name, but the app’s preferences let you add artist, album, genre and track length, and these elements can be reordered. It’s also possible to amend the font size, edit separator characters… Continue reading TUNESBAR 1.0

Shine: A new way to enhance photos

Features are scant, but the price is right, as are performance and results With so many lightweight photo editors available for iOS, it’s surprising that cheap, click-and-forget image editors aren’t more common on the Mac App Store. Shine does a simple job: adding light sources to images, and with them, associated lens flare, gradient overlays… Continue reading Shine: A new way to enhance photos