I’ll name that tune in one…

TunesBar displays info about an iTunes track in the menu bar. By default, it shows just the track name, but the app’s preferences let you add artist, album, genre and track length, and these elements can be reordered.

It’s also possible to amend the font size, edit separator characters (start, end, and whatever’s between each piece of information), and toggle the inclusion of next/previous shortcuts within the app’s menu.

Although far from unique, TunesBar nonetheless gets a lot right. The menu-bar text doesn’t scroll, and you get the right amount of control over what’s displayed. But, whatever settings you use, the text never looks right compared to Apple’s menubar extras, and the only way to remove separators is to use a space.

Still, until Apple provides this kind of functionality, TunesBar is 69p reasonably well spent.

We wish the font more closely resembled the system one, but TunesBar otherwise succeeds.

Price: £0.69
Developer: Steven Deguitis
OS: OS OS X 10.6.6+
Requires: iTunes

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